Tristate Gates & Benny The Butcher Represent On “NY Native”


It’s been a terrific year for Griselda meaning that their feature rates have undoubtedly skyrocketed. Benny The Butcher has been showcasing strong signs to attaining some sort of commercial success, even as an artist who’s known for sharp bars over gritty New York boom-bap production. That being said, his appearance was necessary on Tristate Gates’ single, “NY Native.” Bringing it back to their stomping grounds, Tristate and Benny The Butcher delivers a grimey New York bar-heavy record, paying homage to the dreams of dope boy riches from the corners.

“NY Native” is off of Tristate Gates’ brand new project, Streets Held Me Back that dropped over the weekend. Stacked with 10 tracks, it also includes appearances from Eto, Rigz, and Rob Gates.

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Feds had a press conference and said they cleaned us off the street
How is that true? When I’m still sellin’ verses like capsules
She helped me count the bread, she into that too
I’m not a rap dude, naw, I’m the cat who
Made magic with crack spoons and kitchens smaller than bathrooms