Vado Drops Off His Latest Record “This Thing Of Ours”


Vado is only a few months removed from his last project but he’s back to flooding the streets, once again. The rapper returned this weekend with his latest offering, “This Thing Of Ours.” Bringing those mafioso vibes to the sounds of Brooklyn drill, the Harlem native delivers a quick free verse listing off his certification in the streets. Kicking things off addressing the pandemic and these cheques Trump’s been cutting, the rapper pays his respect to those who’ve remained solid through the years. Vado comes through flexing his lyrical dexterity and penmanship with ease throughout the track, reminding people that he’s a giant in his own right when it comes to this rapping shit.

Check out Vado’s new track, “This Thing Of Ours” below. 

Quotable Lyrics
The pandemic’s got us up
My man did it now he up
Trump givin’ n***as loans
Unemployed n***as homes
Round applaud, n***as home
Take ’em shopping from the can
You ain’t poppin’ you a fan
Countin’ n***as bands, watchin’ on the ‘Gram