Waka Flocka Flame’s “Flockaveli” Sparked The Massive “Hard In Da Paint”


Ten years removed from its initial release, Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli is currently being celebrated as one of the past decade’s most influential albums. Though the scope of its impact was not necessarily evident upon its release, in hindsight, there are many who feel like the project paved the way for the modern-day trap music sound. Wherever you may stand on the matter, it’s clear that Flocka’s debut studio album is a classic through and through — especially when you factor in the ridiculously badass single “Hard In Da Paint.” 

Produced by a red-hot Lex Luger, who blessed the near-entirety of Flockaveli, the timeless single is one of the hardest tracks to emerge from its era. Even a decade later, “Hard In Da Paint” remains a workout playlist mainstay, with Flocka’s aggressive bars boasting the intensity of a drill sergeant. Though it’s not exactly “lyrical” in the traditional sense, Waka Flocka’s unapologetic delivery and relentless ad-libs ensured that his bars would never be questioned. For that, he deserves respect on this milestone anniversary.

Revisit “Hard In Da Paint” now, and sound off if you’ve got some fond memories associated with this one. 


N**ga with an attitude like Eaze and Cube
When my little brother died, I said “Fuck school!”
I picked the burner up, then I grabbed some marijuana
Two years later, screaming: “Now I’m here, your honor!”