Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, & Demrick Snap On Serial Killers Banger “Man Down”


Some fans likely remember Xzibit and Busta Rhymes joining forces on bangers like the “Multiply Remix” and the menacing “Tough Guy,” both of which highlighted the pair’s incredible chemistry on wax. And though it’s been a while since they connected, the arrival of a new Serial Killers album has proved to be a worthwhile occasion for the two veterans to reunite on wax. And over some Focus production at that, calling back to their shared connection to the Aftermath label. Throw Demrick into the mix, and it’s no wonder “Man Down” has emerged as an early album standout. 

With the bass-driven instrumental immediately sparking a nostalgic tone, Xzibit makes sure to set things off with a hard-hitting and mischievous verse. “Post-Corona, I’m gon’ be a rap promoter,” he raps. “So I book them desperate n***as, disrespect them n***as, have some empty-ass venues and check them n***as.” His energy is matched by Demrick, who swears off passing the blunt in the new world — provided he can shake his porn addiction. Closing things off is Busta Rhymes, who warms up for his upcoming ELE2 album with a gritty verse, his Jamaican accent opening the door for some clever schemes. 

Check it out for yourself now, and be sure to show some love to Serial Killers by streaming that Summer Of Sam album right now. 


Post-Corona, I’m gon’ be a rap promoter
So I book them desperate n***as, disrespect them n***as
Have some empty-ass venues and check them n***as