YNW BSlime Releases Feel-Good Vibe “One Step” With Older Brother YNW Melly


YNW Melly’s family is hopeful that, once he goes to trial, he will be able to prove his innocence in a double murder case. However, after being locked up for nearly two years, it’s not looking too great for the young rapper from Florida.

He’s currently facing the death penalty and, as we wait to see how his case will turn out in 2021, Melly’s little brother YNW BSlime is stepping forward as the family’s leading breadwinner.

Thankfully, even though Melly remains in prison, his 13-year-old bro is taking over and making a name for himself as a star to watch in the future. Already, YNW BSlime is racking up millions of streams, speaking to the youth with his care-free bops and fun-loving nature.

His new song “One Step” is officially out now, featuring none other than YNW Melly, and it’s a dancehall-inspired vibe. At times, it’s a little jarring to hear BSlime rap about drugs. However, his naivety comes back in the safari-style music video, where he seems to just be having a good time with an animated version of his brother.

Watch the video down below and let us know how you feel about it.

Quotable Lyrics:

It’s a young n***a world
Treat you like a princess, girl
Don’t be dumb-dumb, don’t be stupid
So in love with your body like cupid