50 Cent Shares Himself As Tekashi 69 says “F*ck Everybody Laughing At This”


50 cent known as the King of Instagram always gets over a million of likes on his IG posts.

In a recent Instagram post of 50 cent he shows a picture of his edited with Tekashi 69’s face and 50 is mad angry about everybody laughing on that pic.

In the picture 50 Cent has the Rainbow color hair of Tekashi 69 and on his head he is a tattoo of “59” while the real Tekashi has “69” tattooed on his forehead.

The picture is Photo-shopped in such a professional way that 50 cent himself is laughing tears and is also mad angry on people laughing at it.

50 cent also has other face tattoos which Tekashi 69 has on his face such as the spider web tattoo which Tekashi 69 has on his neck and he also has the ghost face tattoo on the 50 cents Photoshop picture.

The best part about this edited picture is that 50 Cent also has rainbow color teeth just like tekkashi 69 has but its not as sharp as Tekashi’s sharp teeth, the rainbow color looks as real as tekashi’s though.

All the G-Unit members have been commenting on the post and laughing there ass off at the same time.

50 writes in the post “Who did this […] I want you nigg*s on the internet dead. F*ck everybody laughing at this sh*t. ๐Ÿ˜ก” while sharing his edited picture on Instagram.

The main reason of the picture edit is that because 50 cent recently made a song with Tekashi 69 which is called “Get the Strap”. The edited picture of 50 cent and Tekashi 69 is promoting there new song “Get the Strap” as well.

Both New York City natives have been working together for a while on the single “Get the Strap” which is the new hit song played at every spot.

The song “Get the Strap” is an absolute banger but 50 cent knows the power of social media so he shared the edited picture on Instagram and it went viral.

50 cent got mad angry on the people and the trolls laughing at the picture 50 wishes death to the people who are laughing tears just like him.

50 cent is mad hilarious and is considered the King of Instagram because of his huge following and Instagram activity.