This Video of Alex Trebek Swearing While Promoting ‘Phone Jeopardy!’ Is Going Viral

This Video of Alex Trebek Swearing While Promoting 'Phone Jeopardy!' Is Going Viral

One big thing that fans didn’t really know about Alex Trebek was that he had a pouty mouth, and this viral video is proving it.

A new video that just surfaced online watches as the late Jeopardy! host is promoting Phone Jeopardy!, which was a promotion during the early 1990s for the quiz game show.

While shooting the promos, Alex is seen and heard flubbing a line, and each time he does it, he curses like a sailor.

“Keep watching ‘Jeopardy!’ 24 hours a day and call this number…eh, you dumb son of a b****, you don’t watch it 24 hours a day,” Alex says at the beginning.

He later says, “There’s a daily cash prize of $1000 and… f***…no s***.”

Alex has been known in the past to drop a few swear words, and in one particular radio interview with Dan Patrick, he was put on a delay because of it.

“I’m worried about your language,” Dan told the host at the time in 2014.

Alex sadly passed away over the weekend due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

Jeopardy! released a touching tribute to Alex at the start of the week on the show. See what happened here…

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