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Privacy Policy about

1. What cookies are?

Cookies are delicious to eat. Well, we are not talking about those cookies over here. This website might use cookies and you should know that. Cookies are internet forms of data which a company or a website can collect from you. The main reason for collecting the cookies of a user is to know many things. The reason for collecting cookies is that companies want to know about your likes/dislikes and what kind of things you would like to watch in future. Cookies help companies to recommend stuff to the customers. So internet cookies are not harmful but delicious. We just need your permission to collect cookies, that’s what cookies are about.

2. What information is collected?

Well, we don’t collect any information from our users. Because we already know what our visitors like and we don’t collect or process any of the user data. Your privacy will remain safe as we do not collect any user data for our own use. If you want to submit any information, content or post, that will be under your agreement and consent and you will be the real owner of the data.

3. How to reject / delete / accept cookies

If any of the time this website asks for cookies that’s up to the user if he/she wants to reject or accept cookies. Sharing cookies are up to the user or visitor of the website, and if it’s shared then there is no problem in using it. But if someone accepts it then the cookies are used by third parties or companies wisely.

4. No harmful technical consequences/risks

There is no harmful technical consequences or risks in using this website. If a person visits this website then he/she agrees to share his/her information. But we have a secure website with secure exchange of data and it will not create any harm to the customers or their devices. This website is completely safe and secure to visit and enjoy!

5. Third Party Usage

The user information might be used by third parties such as Advertisement networks on this website. We do not have any control over that, so if you agree to share cookies then you should agree to use this website. We don’t have any control over the third party data.