Who is Taylor Swift Dating Now?

Taylor Swift has Been Dating Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift has Been Dating Joe Alwyn

Who is Taylor Swift Dating Now? Everybody knows Taylor Swift, most of the people because of her songs ,which are full of passion, romance and…tears?!.

Have you ever asked yourself why is she singing only about love and suffering? Well ,for those who don’t know ,she had a very dynamic love life.

Many sources say that Taylor Swift lost her virginity at 21 years old with Jake Gyllenhaal.

She loved him so much that she thought that he will propose her, but that was just a beautiful dream that never came true, sadly. They break up after he didn’t come to her birthday party and she ended up crying in her room instead of having fun.

After breaking up with Jake, Taylor had many boyfriends ,but some sources say that she didn’t accept to have sex with them too soon and this thing made her lovers run away from her. She said that she had made that decision to keep her reputation clean.

Even though, a few months ago ,Taylor Swift started a new relationship with Joe Alwyn, an actor younger than her. ‘’The Sun’’ said that Taylor and Joe have been spending a lot of time together and that their relationship is a very serious one.

Taylor Swift Dating Joe Alwyn in 2018.
Taylor Swift Dating Joe Alwyn in 2018.

However ,after what happened with her last boyfriend, Tom Middleton, Taylor Swift decided to keep the new relationship secret ,so she won’t end up in the same way. They have been caught by the paparazzi while they were drinking the coffee at the window of her flat in Nashville, which proves the veracity of their love for each other.

Taylor Swift had a lot of relationships with stars from Hollywood as Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal or Calvin Harris and all of them ended up with her in tears. Now ,let’s hope Jake will make her happy for all the rest of her life.

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