Cardi b says Flue and Crips are not having it

Cardi b disses Crips on Instagram post.

Cardi b the rapper from Bronx, New York is a proud member of the bloods gang since she was a teenager and she stated that in many of her interviews. She posted a picture of her wearing a blue fur coat on Instagram with the caption. ‘I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,’.

Flue is the word used by the Bloods to diss the crips in California and all over the united states. Flue means F****** BLue and is very disrespectful towards the Crips. After her pic on Instagram, the crips went in, she started getting gang threats from the Crips gang members and they say that she is not welcomed in Los Angeles.
After her Instagram pic her comments were flooded with anger some saying “west side suicide” and “don’t come to LA” and many more.

According to the TMZ new video about this issue, “they discussed the factors and said that she should apologize to crips or it will be a problem for her”. Anyway, after the hate comments that she got on the Instagram she had to turn off the comments and she deleted what people had written on the pic.

Cardi b is engaged to Offset (Migos) who is from Atlanta and both plan to get married this year. Well best of luck for that. Cardi also has an event coming up to attend in LA which is NBA so she should never mess with the gangs in LA because stuff is wild out there.