Travis Scott might be moving in with Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner has owned many real estates in hidden hills, but her dream home is under construction in the posh area.

This is the one Kylie calls home and is according to her specifications, she is building the ultimate compound of her dreams.

Travis Scott might be moving in with Kylie in this new Real Estate because their daughter Stormi is young Kylie has been meeting Travis after work lately.

And this real estate will be far away and Kylie does not want to live alone with the 5-week-old daughter Stormi.

Kylie Jenner and Travis have a pretty healthy relationship up till now and Travis might be moving in this new home because who does not want his or her lover at home.

Well, the construction plan of the place was redesigned and a production studio was added as well. So, who needs a Studio? Of course, Travis will need it in the future.

The redesign of the Kylie Jenners new real estate includes a recording studio and Kylie does not need a studio. So this studio will be a gift for Travis probably or maybe he will start living with Kylie in the new home.

Travis is very happy with the birth of daughter Stormi as he keeps updating his Snapchat and Instagram with stormi’s picture.