Bella Hadid ‘Shutting Out’ Zayn Malik To Support Gigi After Split


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s fans were going through great depression but Bella is now Helping her big sister Gigi to go through her breakup.

An insider told us Bella has been doing everything to support Gigi through her break up, Bella has unfollowed Zayn and she does not want to hear about it.

Bella used to be very cool with Zayn before but she is shutting him down now, Bella told Gigi that we both are single now after a long time we should have an all-girls vacation trip somewhere to celebrate her being single.

Our insider told us that She was very happy for Gigi and Zayn together but now she is happier for there breakup because she will have more time to spend with her big sister which she idolizes a lot.

Zayn and Gigi made love notes for each other while breaking up, and it was a very relaxed and cool breakup, but on the other hand, Zayn unfollowed the whole Hadid Klan including her mother Yolanda which means that Zayn is done with her and her family whom once he was very close to.

Now the fans are waiting to see who Gigi Hadid will find next in her life to find some true love. Gigi did not announce any relationship plans as off yet because she has been busy with work lately.

Zayn Malik had a tattoo on his chest which had Gigi Hadid’s eyes but that must be the thing he should get rid off because that tattoos eyes will be watching him 24/7.

Update on Zayn: He just got a Flower Tattoo on the back of his head, nobody knows what he is up to maybe it’s a way to cure his depression.