Camila Cabello Hater Crashes her set & Attacked her during her Lollapalooza performance

Camilla Cabello attacked at Loolapalooza

Security? Seriously Nobody was there to protect her? During the March 17 concert, Camilla Cabello was right in the middle of the stage performing “Bad Things” during her Lollapalooza performance in Chile and this happened.

She was on stage and a woman who is referred as “Unknown Hater” went up on the stage and tried to push her and she sticks Bubble Gum on Camilla Cabello hair, Camilla was shocked and surprised by the act.

Camilla Cabello fans did not notice what happened because of the live music and the noise during her performance. Camilla Cabello, on the other hand, was shocked and surprised by the fact that where does the security and officials and how come someone can come up on the stage on Lollapalooza and attack an artist.

Camilla Cabello fans went in on Twitter and started discussing the fact that it could have gotten worse as well, they said that she needs some security during a performance.

The Ex-Fifth Harmony stars are now all having a solo career and they are doing pretty good, but all five of those singers should get their own security as well and Thank God Camilla is safe and nothing worse happened.

Camilla Cabello handled the situation very professionally as she kept on singing and didn’t even skipped a beat or verse and she was continuous with her performance regardless of the occurrence of the act that happened.

But on the other hand, if a person hates her why he or she will buy the ticket to her concert and come to listen to there music, the act done by that lady was totally bizarre, and she should be traced down and give punishment by law enforcement authorities.

The fans are still curious to know the identity of the lady who did this and how she got up there. Nobody knows until now about the identity of that person but the fans of Camilla Cabello are mad angry about it anyway.

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