Flava in ya ear artist Craig Mack dies at age 47


Flava in ya ear artist Craig Mack dies at age 47.

Craig Mack, 47, the founder of Bad Boy Records has died, the label’s former director of marketing Michelle Joyce confirmed the news.

The cause of death is not yet released but Joyce said that he has been Ill for a while.

All the celebrities started to post on Instagram and Twitter as soon as the news were out.

Craig Mack was not only a rapper but he was the one from the class of Biggie and Tupac so he also laid the foundation of Rap and Hip Hop.

After the news of death, the fans and other media celebrities started to give respects to the family.

The main reason for his death is not known yet, but he was ill for few days according to the director of marketing of her record label.

He was from New York City and he was very close to Sean Diddy Combs also known as P. Diddy.

Flava in ya ear was a platinum hit and everyone knows about it.

Rest in Peace Craig Mack.

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