Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are no longer Together

Jennifer and Justin Split

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their divorce on Thursday leaving many fans surprised.

A Lot of fans were thinking about how Brad reacted to this, A reporter told us that “Brad is sad to hear about Jen’s divorce. Brad hasn’t reached by himself to Jen yet and has no plans to do so yet”.

Many fans were thinking then Jennifer and Brad might be get together again but still on Brad’s end there is no news like this. Jennifer’s fans are very sad about this news and last Thursday this news went viral but it is very sad to know.

The main reason Jennifer and Justin Theroux split is that they both decided to split because being a superstar it’s hard to be together or in a relationship because you are busy in traveling and shooting new videos. It’s very hard to be in a relationship if you are a celebrity because you both are always busy. They both said we decided at the end of last year that we both will part ways and this is it, our journey together is over now.

Nothing new has been heard yet that what are their future plans and how things will work after the divorce. Jennifer and Justin got married in 2015 and this marriage lasted only 3 years. Justin went to L.A on a private jet to decide their separation and the next day they announced this. Justin said we will always be best friends but we are no longer together in a relationship.