Kanye West Secretly Cooking a Hit Album with Finest Rappers


Kanye West has been doing something very fishy lately, after attending Kourtney Kardashian’s baby shower Kanye west and Travis Scott were missing, and then their location showed up in mountaintop hills somewhere in Wyoming.

The next day A$ap Bari and Pierreebourne (the hit beats producer) showed up to work on the album with Kanye West and Travis Scott, next day Kim joined them for a mini vacation with Kanye as he works there.

The reason Kanye went there is that in places with natural beauty a person can be more creative and Kanye is now cooking a Hit album over there since days.

Now today Drake’s Personal Videographer & Photographer shared a pic of Balcony in the icy mountain front from the same location where Kim took her recent pic.

And Kim Kardashian is where Kanye is so that means Drake is there too, so Kanye has invited the finest rappers to work with him on his new album, and whatever song or thing Drake touches it becomes GOLD so this one is a hit for sure.

God knows how many rappers and artists are up there? Or how many people Kanye has invited up there to work with him on the album.

Drake might be working there because his photographer uploaded the pic from the same terrace where Kim took a selfie, you guys should look at the grill and the view it’s same.

The hints are real that Drake is there too and Kanye has selected such a discrete and secret location so that every artist gets his 100 % focus and concentration.

Left Pic is Kim Kardashain’s Selfie- Right is Drake’s Photographer Picture (looks same place)

Drake has worked with various artists before, Drake mostly has featured new upcoming artists and also worked with some rap legends.

Drake is always cool with everybody and does not wants to beef around with people for no reason. Kanye, Kim, Drake and other fellows must be having an amazing time working on the music and enjoying the views from the mountaintop.

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