Kim Kardashian also Joins Kanye West on Mountain Top with Travis and Co.


Kanye West went to Jackson, Wyoming with Travis Scott to work on his music and his album.

Kanye was doing a Workstyle vacation where Asap Bari and Pierre Bourne also showed up to work with Kanye West on the Mountain Top of Jackson, Wyoming.

While the guys were having fun skiing and working on some music, Kim Kardashian also joined them so that she can help her husband in his work and both can have a great mini vacation time together.

Kanye and Travis were working on the music and they invited Asap Bari and Pierre Bourne to Jackson, Kim Kardashian also showed up right after celebrating Khloe’s Baby shower in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian Uploaded her photos on Twitter and Instagram from where everyone knew that she went to the Mountain Top in Jackson.

The Reason why Kanye is working on Mountain Top?

Well, a lot of people think that if you work in natural beauty and places like Jackson or natural beauty spots a person can be more creative and can perform better because of the increase in the productivity.

Kim Kardashian also posted a video in which she was skiing in the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming, a fan also posted a picture with the couple on Twitter, at least they have fans all over the world.