Kylie Jenner Reveals two Pics of her baby Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner uploaded Stormi's pic on snapchat
Kylie Jenner uploaded Stormi's pic on snapchat

Hey, what is up, guys.? Kylie Jenner just Revealed two Pics of her baby Stormi Webster today. Kylie Jenner, 20, the star of keeping up with the Kardashians was dating Tyga for years, but now she started dating the rapper, Travis Scott.

Kylie was pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby and she gave birth on February 1st this year until today the pics of the baby were not to be seen, Kylie and her mother said that Stormi looks just like Kylie when she was born.

She named her Stormi Webster, unlike Kylie she does not have any middle name. Stormi did her Instagram and snapchat debut today. In the Instagram pic shes holding Stormi’s hand and that pic has million of likes. Kylie Jenner has millions of followers on Instagram which adore her.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are very happy because of the baby Stormi and Tyga is not to be seen anywhere around and nobody has heard anything from him. Kylie’s mother has said that Kylie always wanted to be a young mother and she is very happy to be.

The Snapchat Saga

Kylie in her previous tweet said that does anyone uses snapchat anymore because Kylie does not like the new snapchat update because it is not user-friendly. but for Stormi, she did uploaded her pics so that the fans can see how stormi looks like.

The pic which Kylie uploaded had the half face of stormi but it was out of focus so Stormi could not be seen yet, fans and followers of Kylie Jenner Still waiting on Stormi’s new pics.

We are very happy about Stormi’s birth as well as happy for Travis Scott and Kylie on becoming a young parent.