Kylie Jenner’s tweet destroyed Snapchat because of its update

Kylie Jenner tweeted about snapchat

Kylie Jenner has almost more than 100 Million followers on Instagram worldwide. She also has millions of followers on Instagram and snapchat as well.

Kylie Jenner tweeted on twitter

After this tweet, the whole twitter went in and the post went viral. Due to this tweet Snapchat stock went down and also other people started bashing Snapchat on Social Media. The value of Snap stock went down very fast and a lot of users started to uninstall the snapchat app.

After the snapchat update this month the users of snapchat were not happy with the latest update and a lot of celebrities with a large number of followers on snapchat and Instagram stated that the new update sucks very bad. Kylie Jenner also tweeted this.

This was the tweet which went viral causing a big problem for the Snapchat and Snap INC. Investors but on the other hand, snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has stated that the update will remain here and they will not be changing it or reversing it back now. Many of the snapchat users have stated that snapchat needs to reverse the update because the last snapchat version was very easy to use and had no complications.

But this snapchat update caused havoc because of its complications and it’s not user-friendly, consumers have many things to do in this world they can’t try to learn the new App Map and how it will work every day. Snapchat should reverse the update so it will be beneficial for them.

Snapchat has lost 1.3 billion due to the Kylie Jenner tweets.