Lebron James and Tristan Thompson Spotted with 3 Mysterious Women


Lebron and Tristan might be playing for separate teams but they are still buddies and hang out together.

Lebron James and Tristan Thompson were spotted at a upscale restaurant in Toronto for a meal with 3 beautiful women which people don’t know about.

Sources confirmed that these 3 women were not a part of their families or were not even their girlfriends. But on the other hand the fans started discussing online about the fact that who these women are.

Lebron James already has millions of followers but now Tristan Thompson is also famous because of his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian.

Lebron and Tristan were at a restaurant where they were joined by 3 unidentified women and 2 bodyguards for a lunch.

Even though Tristan Thompson was unfaithful with Kourtney Kardashian but they both have been raising their daughter True Thompson together since her birth on April 12.

According to Savannah James (lebron’s wife) “I am not familiar with who these women are?” but she said that it might be a friendly meeting or a business lunch between them, Well it will be amazing to have Lebron and Tristan for a Friendly Lunch because they both are big celebrities.

The Migos were also in town (toronto) performing at the Toronto’s Caribana music festival.