#LHHNY Reunion Part 1 Season 8 New Cast Same Mess!


Love & HipHop NY just ended season 8 and it was messy, well that’s what they like the show to be controversial.

Starting off with pop singer Anais ” The Latin Diva” talking about her Orgie tryouts and the sexcapades she likes to try out every now and then in between her messy relationship with her husband Ruben and going back to him, we have to say the guy has a lot of patience and love for his kids for him to put up with this kind of party behavior from a mother of two.

Imagine if her husband was cheating or having one night stands, would it be ok with her? Her husband Ruben has always found out the truth from others instead of his wife confessing and has become kind of joke of the town.

On this episode Anais messed around with the leftover guy “Rich Dollaz”, he will take care of anyone’s leftovers. “Rich Dollaz” is a creep and likes to mess around with anything that moves and he interferes with married, single or women in a relationship.

In this season Rich kind of played Anais making her think he got her back while he didn’t and told her she’s on her own. While her friend Jonathan told her that Rich was not the guy for her and for anyone and he’s just a player looking to play.

Jonathan called Rich Bitch-Ass for interfering and messing with peoples’ lives.

Remy Ma finally intervenes between Bree and Bianca with there beef and tells them to stop making internet threats and grow up, since they acknowledge this has been going on for years and neither one of them has made it yet.

Mariah Lynn and Dreamdoll finally move on squash and squash their beef which was all because of taking sides with either Bree or Biance. Mariah Lynn finally matures up on this episode and understands the repercussions of being messy or even creating a mess and losing great opportunities for her career.

Yandy Smith has problems of her own from her artists’ fighting and then the mother in law drama with her mother in law having insecurities that her daughter in law is cheating on her son with her artist while her son Mendecees is locked up behind bars.