Scott Baio came under the limelight because of the sexual misconduct allegations by charles in charge’s nicole eggert


After Aziz Ansari got a sexual misconduct allegation after Larry Nassar got a serious sentence of 175 years in prison. 2018 is going hot right now so much has happened in the first month of the new year.

Scott Baio went Facebook live after Charles in charge co-star Nicole Eggert on Saturday began a series of tweets that she got molested by Scott Baio when she was a minor, Sexual Allegations started in 2017 but they still hot right now as we don’t know yet which news is true or not but a lot of Hollywood stars have been accused by their co-stars or other people.

So on Saturday in a series of tweets the 46-year-old actress claimed that the 57-year-old actor molested her at the age of 14 until the age of 17 so that’s 3 years straight, but Scott has denied all the allegations on Facebook live.

So the fact is after going live on Facebook Scott Baio said the reason I’m going live on Facebook is that because nobody can edit me. HIs wife can be heard in the back in the facebook live video call so she is well aware of the fact that he is accused of the sexual allegations by Nicole Eggert.

Nicole Eggert went hard on twitter and Scott Baio also blocked her on all of his social media accounts.