Is Selena Gomez Rocking with the Biker Boys? Is Justin Bieber ok with that?

Selena Gomez on a bike for HB Photoshoot
Selena Gomez on a bike for HB Photoshoot

Selena Gomez, 25, is the crush of thousands of people and she is the most followed person on Instagram after the Instagram account followers. Selena has around 134 million followers on Instagram, so she is the 2nd most followed person on Instagram right now.

Selena posted 2-3 Pics on Instagram today with some biker boys, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in those pics, well to be honest Justin Bieber and Selena are back together again and they both have an on and off the relationship. She adores Justin because she lost her virginity to him and they were dating for a long time.

selena gomez harpers Bazaar photoshoot

So the thing is who are these biker boys? And Is Justin ok with it?

Well, to be honest, these biker boys are the stuntman guys with hot bodies and some awesome bikes. Selena just did a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar today and she posted 3 pics in a row with the biker boys which are absolutely stunning pics.

Selena looks more beautiful this year than she ever was, Biebs is one lucky dude. Selena had some weight issues before but now her body looks amazing.

And just for the record Justin Bieber is ok with it because it was just a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and Bieber has been busy with work lately as well. Both have a busy schedule and awesome career, to be honest. So you guys should check out the Harpers Bazar x Selena Gomez pics on her Instagram which got millions of likes in few hours.

Harpers Bazar always has some great photoshoot ideas because they are doing is in the media and they have amazing photographers as well. Some people don’t know about harpers but they are in the top of there game, It is one of the best magazines on the market right now.


The black dress Selena is wearing might not be affordable for many of us but that dress looks amazing. The fine cutting of the cloth, It looks like some expensive cotton or silk material or maybe some expensive stuff.

Selena always has amazing taste when it comes to clothes her choice in clothes is amazing according to the event, color, size, fitting and the design of what she wears.

Selena always wears some great designer clothes of course because she is a celebrity since childhood and her life must be amazing as a child celebrity because you have the purchasing power when you are a kid. Her life is great because she is followed by millions of people and she is beautiful and she got money, she can do whatever she wants.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Dating History

Well, the Selena and Bieber dating history goes back very long because they both have been together for years.
Selena and Justin Lost virginity together back when they were young and the fans went crazy because both of them have a huge following of fans.

Justin keeps on cheating or trying to get off this relation and gets back it again.

Justin can try other girls or do whatever he wants but he can’t live without Selena because he comes back to her eventually and they spend amazing time together.

The future i predict about Selena and Justin is that they both will get married in the future because they can’t get along with other partners and they can’t live without each other. Selena started a thing with the weekend rapper which did not lasted because selena can’t get over justin.

What do you guys think about Selena’s new Harpers Bazar photoshoot?
And what do you guys think about the fact that is selena’s fans a lot or is her INSTAGRAM game strong? Comment below to discuss.

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