Silicon Valley Returns to HBO as the Season 5

Silicon valley to be released on march 5

The best series about the silicon valley and technology is back in the game but we have a bad news for you. There is no Erlich Bachman in the series, last year after the release of the season 4 Erlich Bachman (TJ Miller) announced that he will no longer continue the series for some unknown reasons.

So the Silicon Valley season 5 returns back to HBO but Erlich Bachman is nowhere to be found. Though as seen in the trailer Jian Yang takes over the Erlich Bachman home which is their incubator in all the seasons and Jian Yang smokes a cigarette because it is a special occasion for him. Jian Yang also says Richard you’re ugly in the trailer which is hilarious.

The season 5 looks better than ever but Erlich Bachman will always be missed. Pied piper goes into next level after funding and investments and in this new season they have opened a new Office and the CEO Richard is leading the staff of 50 people.

Silicon Valley will be released on HBO on March 25 and we are looking forward to this amazing series. But the problem is there isn’t any DOG policy in the new pied piper office, so Dinesh and Gilfoyle both got angry that there are dogs all over the place because of the new 50 employees that they have in the office. The trailer looks hilarious you guys can check it out on the link below.

Check out the Silicon Valley season 5 trailer over here:

Erlich Bachman you will be missed. #bachmanity #aviato