Taylor Swift Debuts her “Delicate” Music Video And accused of Copying an Ad


Taylor Swift Just released her Music Video for the song “Delicate” and the video is pretty awkward.

The song is on #1 on Trending on YouTube and the song was released on YouTube just a couple of hours ago.

People are making fun of the video because Taylor Swift has been seen dancing in the video and she has no dance skills, to be honest.

Her dance skills are like a 4-year-old girl. Though the people were making fun of her on the first day, now people are accusing her of copying an ad.

Kenzo World Fragrance Ad has almost the complete same video which was released last year.

I don’t know how people found out about the old Ad but Yes, the music video of Taylor Swift and the Ad of Kenzo Fragrance is completely Same.

According to one of the Taylor Swift fan “Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ MV is a complete rip off of Spike Jonze’s Kenzo advert with Margaret Qualley. Like as a Taylor fan I’m saying it and not denying it,”

The twitter went in and now everyone has been tweeting about the video of the song Delicates.

The whole twitter community is now accusing Taylor Swift of Copying the video of the Ad.

Here is the video of the song “Delicate- Taylor Swift”:

Also Check out the Ad: