What is Tekashi 69’s beef with YG and where is Treyway? (NY VS LA)

Tekashi 69 & treyway
Tekashi 69 & treyway


The limelight Viral American rapper, Tekashi 69 or Tekashi 6ix9ine has been dear to social media for his unique weirdness. His multi-colored hair, body full of 69 tattoos and his 2017 debut hit ‘Gummo’, have kept him in news for quite a long time. He, at a young age managed to make it to the US Billboard top 100.

Tekashi 69 has 5 hit songs on the billboard charts which is a very big achievement for a new artist. But after being jumped, robbed and being kidnapped in his own city now he has a bigger problem.

The big problem is that tekashi is always having beef with the west side, after beefing with his one time associate trippie red who also signed him, tekashi has started beef with the compton based LA rapper YG 400 who is also a part of the bloods same as Tekashi 69.

YG again is an American rapper, senior in the industry to Tekashi 69, who came in 2009 with his debut ‘Toot it and Boot it’. He too has made it to the US Billboard top 100.

So, competitors you can call them!

Yg 400 is a Bloods gang member from Compton, LA
Yg 400 is a Bloods gang member from Compton, LA


Tekashi 6ix9ine has had controversies with a number of rappers and actors like THE GAME,CASANOVA etc and one of the much talked about quarrel was with YG.

When asked about Tekashi 69 in the breakfast Club interview, YG addressed him a ‘lil kid’ and said that he was too much into becoming a centre of attraction.

In another interview broadcasted online, Tekashi 6ix9ine passed unacceptable and offensive comments against YG and even said that he doesn’t remember the last time YG gave a hit!

To this, YG posted an Instagram picture and said that he wanted to meet Tekashi in person.


Treyway is Tekashi 69’s crew member and manager. Treyway has the most important role is Tekashi 6ix9ine’s life as he is the one who put him in the rap game and on the streets of New York.

In an investigation for Barclays shooting case and another one at Brookyln streets, Tekashi 69 and his manager were reported to be involved. Treyway was caught on the camera following a car.

He was later arrested for being one of the suspects. No clear proofs against him were found though.

On 25 May, 2018 however he was released from Jail and proudly roamed about in New York streets with Tekashi 69.

Tekashi 69 and Treyway Bloods Gang Members
Tekashi 69 and Treyway Bloods Gang Members

Tekashi 6ix9ine has had beef with many rappers and artists but on the other hand he is the only one rapper who got this much views and fame in only 6 months which other artists can not even get in a lifetime.

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