The Cast of ‘The Goonies’: Where Are They Now?


    Never say die! The Goonies may have debuted more than 30 years ago, but its legacy will live in the hearts of viewers forever.

    The action-comedy film, directed by Richard Donner, hit theaters in June 1985 and follows the adventures of a group of kids from the Goon Docks area of Astoria, Oregon, who call themselves the Goonies. As their homes face foreclosure, the Goonies unite for one final weekend together — and discover a treasure map that changes everything.

    Young actors like Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Jeff Cohen owe their careers to the success of the quirky adventure movie, and still look back on their time filming The Goonies with love. In October 2008, the cast got together to reflect on the impact this movie made on their lives and those of fans everywhere — and even admitted that they’d fought hard to make a sequel.

    “We tried really hard, and Steven [Spielberg] said, ‘Let’s do it,’” Donner explained to Variety at the time. “We had a lot of young writers submit work, but it just didn’t seem to call for it.” The legendary director added that he’d later thought about taking the film in a whole new direction by “trying to get it done as a musical on Broadway.”

    Four years later, Brolin revealed that he’s never been able to escape the ferocious fandom of the cult classic. “I love it because it’s been — well, it’s 28 years ago that I did it,” the Sicario actor said during a May 2012 appearance on Conan. “It’s just one of those things … you know, I have 7-year-olds now that are like, ‘Oh my god! Sloth!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not Sloth! I was the older brother!’”

    Over the years, the energy behind the film has never faded. While showing his children his favorite movies during the coronavirus pandemic, superfan Josh Gad made it his mission to reunite the Goonies one more time.

    “One by one, they all said yes,” the Frozen star told Entertainment Tonight in April 2020 after hosting a virtual reunion with the cast. “From there, everybody just wanted to be a part of it, and it was remarkable. I don’t think they realized just how much joy it would bring until they actually shot it. They too are seeing the result, it’s tremendous.”

    Scroll down to see where the cast of The Goonies is now!

    Josh Brolin (Brand)

    The California native starred in No Country for Old Men (2007), Milk (2008), True Grit (2010), Inherent Vice (2014) and Deadpool 2 (2018). Beginning in 2014, he appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the comics’ super-villain, Thanos. He’s been married three times: to Alice Adair, with whom he shares two children (1988 to 1994), to Diane Lane (2004 to 2013), and to Kathryn Boyd in 2016. Brolin and Boyd welcomed their first child together in November 2018.

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    Sean Astin (Mikey)

    After The Goonies, Astin appeared in 1992’s Encino Man and 1993’s Rudy. He’s best known for playing Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy from 2001 to 2003. The California-based actor went on to score guest spots in shows like 24, Monk and My Name Is Earl before earning the role of Bob Newby in season two of Netflix’s Stranger Things. He married former Miss Indiana Teen USA Christine Harrell in July 1992 and they share three daughters: Alexandra, Elizabeth and Isabella.

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    Corey Feldman (Mouth)

    Shortly after The Goonies, Feldman starred in Stand by Me (1986) with River Phoenix and The Lost Boys (1987) with the late Corey Haim. He has become a vocal advocate for animal welfare and vegetarianism, and has spoken out about child sexual assault in show business and his own history with drug abuse. In 2016, Feldman married longtime girlfriend Courtney Anne Mitchell, 23 years after separating from ex-wife Vanessa Marcil.

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    John Matuszak (Sloth)

    The Wisconsin native was previously a professional football player before starring in the 1985 film. He later made guest appearances on shows like Perfect Strangers, MASH, The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team and Miami Vice. Matuszak died in June 1989 at age 38 after suffering an accidental drug overdose.

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    Kerri Green (Andy)

    Along with The Goonies, Green is best known for starring in Summer Rental (1985) and Lucas (1986). She cofounded a film production company, Independent Women Artists, with Bonnie Dickenson, and the duo cowrote and directed the film adaptation of Bellyfruit, a play about teen pregnancy (1999). She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.

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    Jeff Cohen (Chunk)

    The former child star attended the University of California, Berkeley, and earned a degree in Business Administration in1996. He later studied law at the UCLA School of Law in 2000, and cofounded the Cohen & Gardner firm in Beverly Hills, specializing in entertainment law.

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    Martha Plimpton (Stef)

    The multitalented star made her film debut in Rollover in 1981, but her role in The Goonies launched her movie career. She has been nominated for three Tony Awards: Best Featured Actress in a Play for her role in Top Girls in 2007 and for Coast of Utopia in 2008, and for Best Featured Actress in a Musical in 2009 for Pal Joey. In 2012, she won an Emmy for playing attorney Patti Nyholm in the CBS legal drama, The Good Wife.

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    Jonathan Ke Quan (Data)

    The Vietnamese actor starred in 1991’s Breathing Fire and 1992’s Encino Man, and was a stunt coordinator for 2000’s X-Men. He will be starring in the upcoming sci-fi film Everything Everywhere All at Once, his first movie role since 2002’s Second Time Around.

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    Anne Ramsey (Mama Fratelli)

    Two years after The Goonies, she starred as Danny DeVito‘s mother in Throw Mama From the Train, a role that earned her nominations for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award in 1988. She was married to actor Logan Ramsey from 1954 until she died of esophageal cancer in 1988.

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    Joe Pantoliano (Francis Fratelli)

    The New Jersey native has over 150 acting credits, including The Matrix (1999), Memento (2000) and Racing Stripes (2005). He shares four children with wife Nancy Sheppard, whom he married in 1994. He was previously married to Morgan Kester, from whom he split in 1985 after six years of marriage. Pantoliano has written two memoirs: Who’s Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-Up Guy, and Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery and Being My Mother’s Son.

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    Robert Davi (Jake Fratelli)

    Davi scored roles in Die Hard (1988), Licence to Kill (1989), Predator 2 (1990) and Showgirls (1995). He went on to take a number of smaller jobs in television, and even appeared in the Jonas Brothers‘ music video for their hit single, “Burnin’ Up.” He was inducted into Toronto’s Italian Walk of Fame in 2013.

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    Steve Antin (Troy)

    Antin went on to become a successful screenwriter and producer after starring in The Goonies. He pivoted to directing in the 2000s, working on a handful of music videos and directing the 2010 film Burlesque.

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