Travis Scott vs Tory Lanez KO Streets is Watching


Tory Lanez is mostly known for the immature beef he does with other rappers he tried to beef with Drake before to gain Views and create his hype in the market.

But what happened now? Well, Tory has been beefing around with many other rappers just to gain more publicity has a new target now which is Travis Scott.

So, Tory came up to the studio and started beefing with Travis Scott for only one reason, the reason behind the beef was Tory said that Travis accused him of Ghostwriting.

Tory Lanez said that Travis Scott is saying that he is getting all his lyrics from a Ghostwriter and he does not write his own lyrics.

So, Travis Scott might have accused him of the ghostwriting lyrics but Tory went crazy on him said “you wanna catch a FADE?”, that means do you wanna get knocked out?

Today Travis Scott Tweeted this “That video is 1 and half years ago, I and Travis have solved our problem, that video is irrelevant as shit. That’s my Dawg (Travis)”.

But on the other hand, if something would have gotten real then Travis would be kicking the ass of Tory because of many reasons, Tory has small height but he still went hard on this one.

Check Out the Video over here: