What is the true message behind Drake’s Gods Plan?


Drake, 31, rapper from Toronto, Canada is pretty famous in America and he has been living in California and Florida for a while now. Drake has worked with small to big artists of all types and mostly with upcoming rappers and making hits.

Drake’s songs are always in the Billboard top 100 list and viral on youtube and trending over the internet. Drake has build careers of many rappers by doing songs with them and signed a lot of rappers as well to his OVO Sound record label.

Drake Just released the video for his new song called “God’s Plan” which has now nearly 100 million views on youtube and this song is trending all over the internet now.

But why is Drake’s Gods Plan trending over the internet?

Well, a lot of songs on the internet don’t become a success and many of the songs were even not heard by us. But the reason God’s plan is trending is that Drake has a huge fan following, the song is great, the video is amazing, the concept and the things shown in the video is pretty amazing.

The God’s Plan video has set a great benchmark among the rappers and has set a new trend in the rap game. Drake is seen very generous among the poor people in the video.

Drake’s hotline bling was a pure hit with millions of Memes still trending about it on the internet. Drake’s hotline bling has 1.3 Billion views on youtube only.


So what is the true message behind the Drake God’s Plan Video?

Why is Drake’s God Plan a hit? Whats the new trend in the rap game?

Well there are many questions and answers to the thoughts that people have about the drakes gods plan video.
Drake has donated almost $1 million in the video to poor people and people trying to make a life. Drake went to high schools, colleges and donating money for great causes. Also donating 2 cars, and 1 van for a non-for profit children home.

Drake is the most generous rapper in the game right now because he gave away such amount of money in the community. The music video will get you in tears after seeing how emotionally people loved this cause that drake is there for them and to help them.

Drake also gave away college schlarships and donated money to a highschool for athletic programs. He also donated 20,000 to the fire department in florida. Well after the hurricane the things were even worse in florida and the help was much needed

The main meaning of the God’s Plan according to the music video is to help people financially and emotionally. God’s Plan means that God has a great plan for every human being on this earth and the money donated was a God’s gift and drake was just distributing it.

There are hard times in life but drake told the world that if we help each other then God will help us as well. God’s plan has so many meanings but according to the video theme that if you have God in life then life is great.

Helping each other is the main reason for any religion, without helping each other there is no purpose of a religion. According to people from 6 different faiths and religions they said that the message in the video is clear that whatever God you believe in the purpose of the religion is to help each other.

Drake also stated in the lyrics of the music video that “I can’t do this on my own” which means that God is with drake and all of us. And drake says that he has the support of the people that’s why he has supported them as well. He can’t do this on his own so that’s why he worked it out with other people.

And those people are there for drake so drake is also there to help them like we all got each others back during good or bad times.

Drake also said that we have to take care of our moms because at the end of the day how much money you have it doesn’t matters if your loved ones are not happy. Your parents have more value then money and everything.

Thank you, Drake, for Everything you did for us.Thank you, Drake, for everything.

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