What is the Meaning Behind Tekashi 6ix9ine’s New Hit Fefe?



So is FEFE, the new song on your mind and on your lips?

Fefe is one of the latest releases from Tekashi 69 and another American rapper Nicki Minaj along with Murda Beatz, who is a record producer from Canada.

After getting millions of fans for his debut ‘Gummo’, the multi-coloured hair man, Tekashi 69 decided to team up with Nicki Minaj for FEFE, that released on 22 July,2018. Nicki Minaj, in an interview says that the collaboration just happened within minutes and unexpectedly.

The stars seem to be in favour for 6ix9ine!

The song was a super hit and made it to the top 10 of the US Billboard. FEFE means a party and the song has a childlike imagery with ice-creams and all such party things.


A number of reasons have been attributed for the success of FEFE

First of all, Tekashi declared that he wanted to give one song before he is arrested for his case where he had choked a 16 year old minor in a mall in January this year. He was however given bail few days before the release of the song. The bail had cost him $150000.

Secondly, as soon as the song was released, Tekashi was reported to be kidnapped and looted. The incident led to injuries and he was hospitalised immediately for all the necessary check-ups.

Moreover, the collaboration of the two rappers was a new serving for the fans. Both of them say that the song didn’t take much efforts and it just worked out amidst some fun and frolic.

So the events that preceded and succeeded the release of the song, kept Tekashi and the song in news for quite a time and made it a chartbuster with all the hype.

Update : 4/20/20 After his long awaited release tekashi69 is no longer part of treyway or any other affiliation and is managing himself completely to avoid any issues and is taking things day by day. he is keeping a low profile to avoid any further escalations from gangs and any new litigation against him.

Tekashi 69 and Treyway Bloods Gang Members
Tekashi 69 and Treyway Bloods Gang Members

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